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昨日、いわき市で行われたNO NUKES PEACE PARADEに参加してきました。







by 47project | 2011-05-16 16:36 | Letter from Fukushim

A letter from Fukushima 2

Dear friends,

We have been to Kooriyama city where is 60km away from Fukushima nuclear plant and the radiation level is quite high enough. Almost everywhere, I can detect more than 5mSv per year even from the car and where must be designate as a controlled area.

But the situation... At first, we headed to the "Support center of disability persons on the spot", then some of they joined us for fixed point observation. One of they planned 5 different places to measure and record, and I felt so accomplished because 1 instrument to measure 5 different points make 1 instrument as 5. ctually, we don't really have enough radiation indicators in Japan now, and I heard some rumor that the government has ordered to stop for shipping and selling to traders. Believe or not. It may be, or may not be. The policy of the government right now obviously don't want people to know about radiation, exposure, and the level of radioactivity around their living places. Ministry of education and science publishes the data of monitoring post of all the 47 prefectures every hour. From that data, there is almost no more problem 'cause the value is quite low most of the time. But we know, those monitoring posts are set at 17m-20m high from the ground. I suppose that they love to measure the radiation for the birds, (Yes, I'm sure it is very important) , but not for human being.

Secondary, we have been to Kaiseizan park for measurement and there, we detected 2.5μSv/h at the ground which means more than 20mSV per year for a little kids. Even though they are not playing in this ground for everyday and every night but they are possibly swallow and breeze in the substances which are on the ground. As I told you that 20mSv is the value which is the amount of exposure limit for the nuclear plant workers in Germany. This park is not lockdown, and I saw kids are playing and running around. I felt overcome and it hurts my heart. Here in Kooriyama and Fukushima city have a lot of population (more than 300000 each), where are 60km from the plant but there are a lot of radioactivity. The prefectural government have been sending scholars as "advisory of risk management of health by radioactivity" intensively to those cities to advise and lecture onto the people to have "right knowledge" to convince them for their safety. Oh..well... they say the internal exposure is not the matter for their health. That's their "right information and knowledge". It seems that the only reason "why these scholars were sent to those big cities intensively", is that the amount of population is too big for evacuation and migration and which expense huge on government and TEPCO. Is it too much to say? Am I too skeptical?

At night, we had a meeting with two young families who desire to evacuate and migrate. One is living in Miharu town with 1 year old baby, and the other one is living in Kooriyama with 8 months pregnant wife. They were really worrying about the risk of staying the place, so we told the information and situation of preparation for accepting evacuated people in Nagano and Yamanashi prefecture, As I was telling them, gradually I could find their smile and relaxed figure on their face. One of the families ( with expectant mother) has decided to go there with our member on May 2nd to see and find the place for living. They are really worrying about their friends, small nephews and niece, and they expect that the action they are going to take, can move them or call them to the place where they are going to move. I'm very happy if I can support them and take action together to break through the situation, people are frozen in highly contaminated place.

Best wishes,

by 47project | 2011-05-03 03:19 | Letter from Fukushim